Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 46

It has been quite awhile since I last blogged! I don't know which is harder, finding time to blog or finding time to workout! I am just about finished with week 7 and so far I have lost 12 lbs. That said, I feel like I have put on a significant amount of muscle, and we all know that muscle weighs more than fat!!

I think at this point the biggest thing holding me back from really make big changes is my diet. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and I have been giving into that lately (Jason isn't helping!). So my goal over the next two weeks is to really buckle down with eating healthy and avoiding poor food choices and specifically sweets.

I also decided today that I would like to start training for a half marathon. There is one here on Nov. 13th. I've been wanting to start running again, so my plan is to continue the p90x, but add in training for the half marathon. The hardest part will just be finding time to do it all, because I know that I can do it. I went for a run today (short 10 minute run) just to see how my body felt and I did feel pretty good. I just printed a half marathon training plan and will begin on Monday!

30 day progress pics

Okay, so I'm a total slacker... it has been almost a month since my last post! Here are my 30 day progress pics (yes, they were actually taken on day 30, it has just taken me almost a month to post them!). It is a little akward taking these pics, so please forgive the facial expressions. I promise to have a nice happy smile after the 90 days is up!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 29: Phase 2 Begins!

Today was the beginning of the 2nd phase of the program. I am supposed to take photos today of my progress after the first 4 weeks, so stay tuned!

Last week was the recovery portion of the first phase. I had to deviate a little bit from the plan, as I was in Seattle for a friends wedding and then San Francisco for work. So instead of doing the CardioX workout I ran for 30 minutes and instead of doing Kenpo I walked 3 miles around Seattle with Presley in the Bjorn (defintely a strength and cardio workout! As Mel can attest ;)). I don't want to get in the habit of substituting workouts, but I feel that running and walking are better than nothing at all.

I did Core Synergistics today and felt a little sluggish. I wonder if that is how I am supposed to feel after a week of recovery? Or perhaps my body is still recovering from all of the travel? I do have to say that this blog is keeping me honest. When I think about potentially missing a workout I remember the blog and it keeps me moving! I don't want to look back after 90 days and still see those post-partum photos!!!

New photos to come soon!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DAY 20

DAY 20: CardioX

I didn't get my workout in this AM, so I had to improv with the kids and do it while I juggled them this afternoon. I put Presley in the bumbo seat (she got a workout of her own holding her head up for 45 minutes and then promptly fell asleep in the swing!) and Cade climbed all over me and joined in on many of the Kenpo moves! I love that my kids are getting to witness my fitness routines, as I hope it sets a good example for them.

I can't believe I am almost done with the first 3 weeks. It has gone by so fast! I hope it continues to feel that way!

Off to a walk to the park. I still have more energy and so do the kiddos!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

P90X Update

Although I haven't been very consistent with my blogging, the good news is I have been much more consistent with my workouts! However, I have been keeping a written journal, so I am going to update you on my progress to date.

I am currently on Day 18 and to date I have already lost 9lbs! The workouts are definitely getting easier and I feel much more athletic than I did 18 days ago!

DAY 1: Core Synergistics
I didn't use any weights and felt pretty good. I had a hard time with a few of the moves (the Drea Roll), as I felt less than athletic! I started with some neck pain leftover from a tweak a few weeks ago (went to the chiropractor the day before), but the neck pain went away after the warmup!

DAY 2: CardioX
My legs were a little tight, but they warmed up and felt pretty good. I feel like I can push harder once I get all of the moved down. I feel really motivated and great mentally. I am really ready to make some big changes!

DAY 3: Shoulders and Arms; Ab Ripper
My hamstrings and inner thighs are sore from the Cardio workout yesterday, but I was forced to push the workout today, as we only had one set of 5lb weights (which Consie used) and one set of 10lb weights (which I used). So all exercises, including triceps, were done with a 10lb weight. Phew!

DAY 4: YogaX
I am a huge fan of yoga. I LOVE yoga and have done a lot of it in my lifetime, but I am not a huge fan of the p90x yoga. I feel like there is too much repetition and it make for a really hard workout mentally. It is a 90 minute routine and felt like 3 hours!

DAY 5: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper
Today was a 5:30AM wakeup call so that I could pump and workout prior to Cade waking up at 7AM, so that Jason could sleep in. Jason starts work at 9AM on Saturdays and doesn't get home until 9-10PM on Friday, so I wanted to give him a break. He has been watching the kiddos in the morning so that I can workout and has been so great about making time for p90x.

I LOVE the leg workout! It is by far my favorite. I feel super strong and love it when my legs hurt so good!

DAY 9: CardioX
I took a trip to SF/LA for work and so I got behind on my blogging. If I have to skip a day of working out I just do the workout the next day, so that I never really miss a workout. It will ultimately just extend my 90 days a few days longer. It will be more like the P100X! It is good to get back into working out. I had gotten to a point where my body was almost aching for a workout and I want to get back to that point!

DAY 10: Arms & Shoulders
Wow! My arms and shoulders feel SO much stronger than they did when I did this workout the first time! I can definitely see progress and don't have to modify the workout as much as I did the first time!

DAY 11: Legs & Back
I skipped the Yoga workout yesterday because the stomach virus hit Jason, Cade and I. But that is okay, because the yoga workout is kinda boring and I LOVE the leg workout!

DAY 13: Plyometrics
I decided to do Plyometrics instead of Kenpo, as I didn't feel like I got a very good Cardio workout from Kenpo (maybe because of my lack of coordination). WOW! Plyometrics had me breathing hard. My legs were super sore from yesterday's leg workout, so this was extra tough. In the future I will propoably do Plyo on the Cardio day and move Cardio to Kenpo day.

DAY 15: Core Synergistics
I went for a run with Cade this morning in the jog stroller and felt great. It was the longest I had run without stopping since before I got pregnant with Presley! We also went for a family walk to the park after and I had Presley strapped into the Bjorn. I love going for family walks and want to get into doing it more regularly. Jason attempted to do Core Synergistics with me today, but ended up puking in the bathroom about half way thru. He has bad acid reflux and it seems to get irritated during hard workouts and also when he is stressed (which is often with two kiddos under the age of 2!). I on the other hand felt so good and so strong! This program is working! I can't wait to see how I feel after the 90 days are up!!

DAY 16: Plyometrics
PHEW!! Although this seemed easier than the first time I did it and I didn't have to modify and take nearly as many breaks as I did the first time.... THIS IS A GREAT WORKOUT!! I used my heart rate monitor and had a heartrate in the high 160s to 170s the entire time. I know I burned some calories with this one!

DAY 18: Legs/Back; Ab Ripper
When I weighed in this morning I had lost 9lbs from the day I started! I am definitely feeling strong, but still have the extra flab in the mid-section that I can't wait to shed. I can feel my abs underneath that however and can't wait until they are visible. After rolling his eyes Jason appeased me and felt my abs through the layer of flubber and confirmed that they are pretty strong under there! No longer are my abs separated either, which is a blessing after two kiddos!

Well I have Cade climbing on my chair and clicking on the mouse and Presley strapped in the bjorn fussing, so I better go for now. More to come soon with 30 day progress pics as well!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Postpartum P90X!

Today marks the beginning of my 90 day journey to postpartum weightloss and fitness! Presley is now 5 weeks old and I feel ready to begin this intense workout routine. I will be blogging over the next 90 days to help keep myself honest and to hopefully show some dramatic changes in my postpartum body! I am going to show it all, flabby tummy and everything, because it isn't going to last long! My goals over the next 90 days include the following:

1. Lose 30 lbs (I know, that is over 2lbs a week, but keep in mind that I have plenty of leftover baby weight to shed... including some poundage leftover from my pregnancy with my now 20 month old)

2. Feel toned & strong

3. Finish with less than 20% body fat
4. Get back to being able to run 5 miles

5. Feel primed and ready for my next endurance challenge, I will decide what that is later, but a few ideas are setting a PR in a marathon or completing my first Half Ironman. We shall see!

So here we go! Feel free to check back often on my progress!
Here are my before photos... they aren't pretty, but l know that in 90 days these photos will make me feel proud, so I'm not afraid to share them!!
5 weeks postpartum and pre-P90x